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Women's Harmony

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Menopause, is as natural as life itself, but it is met with apprehension by many women as hormonal changes take place, and they do not know how to cope with it. In fact hormonal changes start to occur sometimes, as early as 30s.

This transitional period of time before menopause, is called perimenopause. Perimenopause is different for each woman, during this phase hormones fluctuate which causes serious distress. Irregular periods, heavy bleeding, hot flashes, sleep disruption, headaches, dry eyes, vaginal changes, hair loss, and weight gain, or extreme emotional distress are all common signs of perimenopause. Apart from all these, women experience short-term memory disability or a lack of focus, which at times becomes very irritating. Inability to multitask, and focus cause distress, and triggers off other problems such as increased anxiety, fatigue, depression and drastic mood swings. These sudden changes can not only be mortifying and distracting, but can sometimes even be chilling. These changes really begin to take place as early as age thirty, it gets more apparent as one reaches their forties and fifties. Nature has provided sufficient nutrients to help women to cope with this phase of their life. Freelife has combined all the hormone balancing natural nutrients, and formulated Women's Harmony.

Women's Harmony has been made with proprietary blend of nutrients, which helps one handle the hormonal changes related with menopause. One can take control of their life once again, without endangering oneself to the possible dangers of synthetic estrogen.

Women's Harmony naturally helps you take control of your life. It encourages feelings of well-being, provides heart-protective nutrients, and helps you manage hot flashes and maintain hormonal balance. For best results, use Women's Harmony with OsteoSoy along with a proper diet and exercise.


  • It encourages feelings of well-being.
  • It has heart-protective nutrients.
  • It helps manage hot flashes.
  • It helps maintain hormonal balance.



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