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Rich Moisture Cream

Rich Moisture CreamClick Here To Order

Rich Moisture Cream is a moisturizing cream enriched with hydrating seaweed extracts, botanical concentrates, powerful anti-oxidants and active vitamin complexes. It is light in texture and provides the maximum environmental protection and moisturizing properties of the richest nutrients.

Rich Moisture Cream is an exclusive blend of natural ingredients, formulated to help your skin retain more of its own Natural Moisture Factor while hydrating your skin at optimal levels. The secret of optimally hydrated skin is ceramides. These healthy-skin elements make up forty to sixty-five percent of the total lipids that occupy the spaces between the cell walls. They assist the skin retain its precious moisture and protect its barrier. Rich Moisture Cream offers an all-natural ceramide, extracted from a micro-plant that supplies the skin with lipids similar to those naturally found in your skin. This ceramide is then combined with a host of natural antioxidant protectors and moisturizers.

This non-greasy cream is fortified with Bulgarian rose essential oil. It is the most exquisite of all roses that renders the most potent nutritional oil for retaining the skin moisture. It also boosts the circulation of blood on the face. And gives you relief from dry skin associated with eczema. This natural moisturizer contains rich emollients that have been clinically proved to reduce dryness associated with eczema and moisturize skin for 24 hours. It incorporates antioxidant vitamins A, C and E that are naturally found in seaweed and botanical extracts .Our Rich Moisture Cream is specifically formulated for women and men with dry skin. It can be used once or twice a day and is also suitable for the most sensitive skin.


  • It naturally provides antioxidant protection for under active skin.
  • It is a non-greasy cream that hydrates and retains the skinís natural moisture barrier.
  • It provides the skin with a barrier against environmental stresses.
  • It contains Ceramide 3 to supplement your skinís nutrients.
  • It contains essential oils that help to balance and rejuvenate your skin.
  • It contains "moisture magnets" which nourish the skin and retain a higher hydration level longer.
  • It includes amino acids that provide a special liposome delivery system.
  • It is recommended for dry skin types, and can be used anytime throughout the day.
  • It has an anti-inflammatory effect- for all types of irritated and infected skin conditions.
  • The Bulgarian rose oil constituted is one of the safest oil suitable for all types of skin conditions.
  • Bulgarian rose oil shows a regenerative effect on cell tissue especially for dry skin, having an overall rejuvenating effect, softens and improves tone and texture of the skin by providing moisture.



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