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Regular cleansing and cleaning of the body is very important. Cleansing and cleaning washes away the dirt, sweat trapped in the pores to allow the skin to breath easily. It also removes the dead cells to make the skin soft and glowing. One generally uses beauty soap available in the market for this process. The outer skin is very sensitive and delicate, so utmost care should be taken not to expose it to harsh chemicals. Regular soaps available in the market are manufactured by the process of mixing and heating oils and lye, to this is added some synthetic fragrance. But the regular soap is not as good as it is professed to be. In fact it does more harm then good.

Many believe that sweating causes body odor, but the truth is that sweat itself is odorless. If the sweat does not evaporate quickly then the bacteria that usually live on the skin breaks it down, during this process chemicals are released which give out an unpleasant smell. Body odor is considered to be an antisocial element, and people use deodorants to fight it.

Deodorants available in the market generally contain synthetic fragrance, and toxic chemicals that usually dry up the skin. Most deodorants have synthetic ingredients such as metal, propylene glycol, or triclosan. Some of the chemicals present in the deodorants actually stop perspiration. Perspiration is a natural, and crucial function of the body that helps eliminate free radicals, and supports a healthy immune system; hence it should not be stopped.

FreeLife's Pure Confidence deodorant spray is free from synthetic fragrance, and contains no toxic chemicals. This all-natural Pure Confidence deodorant spray is formulated with proprietary blend of zinc, essential oils, vegetable extracts, and vegetable-derived grain alcohol, which does not dry the skin. It protects the skin, and leaves one feeling fresh and clean. Pure Confidence remains active throughout the day, and provides protection against odor-even during exercise, and stressful situations. Zinc present in Pure Confidence is a very powerful mineral; it is an antioxidant that does not suppress natural perspiration, it gets rid of and keeps odor molecules from accumulating throughout the day, it is good for the skin and the immune system and can be used by the body for soothing and regenerating the skin. Pure Confidence spreads the zinc equally on the skin, and keeps it on for all-day, active protection. The antioxidant present in zinc support the immune system, and leave the skin powdery soft and dry with no white residue that can soil the clothes like other deodorants. The lavender essential oil blend is liked by one and all and Pure Confidence is ideal for young adults, men, and women.

Underarms produce more body odor because the sweat glands in these areas produce proteins and oily substances that the bacteria feed on, and thrive on. Pure Confidence effectively eliminates underarm odor, and is also safe, and gentle enough for other parts of the body. Use it on hands, arms, legs, back, feet, and it can also be used to eliminate shoe odor.

With Pure Confidence one need not fear body odor. Work, exercise, play, relax, and hug your dear ones without the fear of body odor, Pure Confidence is always active.


  • It is free from synthetic fragrance, and contains no toxic chemicals.
  • It does not dry the skin.
  • Zinc present in Pure Confidence does not suppress natural perspiration.
  • Pure Confidence effectively eliminates underarm odor.

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