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Mr. Orange

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Mr. Orange is formulated to kill germs and prevent infection, keeping your house clean to provide 100% hygiene. It is a combination of citrus and other naturally derived resources that act as powerful cleaning agents. This high-quality cleaner does not contain chemicals and any kind of distillates that are harmful in usage.

Highly concentrated, Mr. Orange is an exclusive everyday cleaner that can be used for all house-cleaning purposes. You could use it for small jobs cleaning such as the stovetop after cooking, cleaning heavy grease from the driveway. Mr. Orange is an all-natural, non-petroleum formula. It makes the task of cleaning as safe as it is effective. Its carefully selected ingredients ensure that you won't be exposing your family to any harmful ingredients when you use Mr. Orange for your cleaning purposes.

Mr. Orange constitutes a blend of biodegradable, plant and sugar-based cleansing agents. It contains a high concentration of BGSE, and pure citrus oils including whole Valencia orange essential oil. Whole Valencia oranges and BGSE offers you a natural purifying power. This grape seed extract is unique to Mr. Orange. This blend of citrus is all natural enriched with a citrus scent to make your home smell great.

Mr. Orange can be used for various strengths to fulfill your entire home cleaning needs. It helps to cut through grease on your cabinets and shine the floor with ease. One capful of Mr. Orange in a gallon bucket of water efficiently cleans the floor. For cabinets, use 1 oz. of Mr. Orange with 20 oz water. It scrubs the grime and soap scum from your shower stall, bathtub, toilet and sink, leaving a sparkling shine. Mr. Orange helps to remove the dirty spots and makes your patio shine. It easily takes off the stubborn oil spills in the garage or on your driveway, giving your garage a better look. Its effective ingredients make it a powerful cleaning formula that wipes out crayon marks on walls and surface areas. Mr. Orange brings you the potent elements that have the properties of cleaning all types of stains.

Benefits Of Mr. Orange

  • It can be used for scrubbing your shower and bathroom.
  • It helps to remove stains on carpets and upholstery.
  • It can also be used to clean your kitchen and appliances.
  • It assists in taking off grease and tough stains.
  • It brings shine to your floors.
  • It very well cleans your patio, deck, and driveway.
  • And surprisingly, it removes crayon and ink marks.



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