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DigestiMax 5

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DigestiMax is a comprehensive digestive enzyme, naturally-derived formula containing herbs and amino acids. DigestiMax is formulated to repair the digestive tract and facilitate digestion. It also helps you to maintain overall health and functioning of your body.

No other enzyme supplement provides you more to improve every function of your body and maintain health than DigestiMax. This exclusive formula helps to break down food into its smallest parts for maximal absorption. It also lowers the amount of gas produced. Thus improves overall functioning of the digestive system. And is specifically formulated for patients suffering with the problem of indigestion.

The beneficial effects of these enzymes go far beyond than just helping you to digest food. More than 3,000 different enzymes control every function of the human body. In fact, the body's power to maintain health and function properly is directly associated to the count and strength of its enzymes. The diet that we consume does not provide all the enzymes we need. Our enzyme producing capacity reduces as we grow older, approximately 13% for every decade after age 20. The deficiency of enzymes in the body can lead to a sluggish metabolism, low energy, and inefficient digestion. Rather it would influence the health of the entire body, and symptoms may include gastric problem, indigestion, bloating, heartburn and flatulence.

Enzymes are the important elements that start the necessary chemical reactions that our bodies need to survive. They are essential for digesting food, for stimulating the brain, for providing cellular energy, and for repairing all tissues, organs, and cells. DigestiMax fulfills the need of your body by providing sufficient enzymes required to be healthy. DigestiMax can help insure that the digestive system stays in good health and functions properly. This is vital for weight loss, cellulite reduction and optimal health.

Benefits Of DigestiMax

  • DigestiMax is an exclusive enzyme supplement that provides research-recommended enzymes from 100% pure plant sources.
  • It contains all the enzymes that your body requires to digest every type of complex carbohydrate, protein, tough vegetable fiber and fat you eat.
  • It increases the ability of your body to absorb essential nutrients, helping you to gain the most benefit from your food and nutritional supplements.
  • It contains pure plant enzymes in that naturally and safely ease the digestive process.
  • It provides the highest potency enzyme supplements.
  • It helps to ease stress on digestive organs, especially the pancreas, by reducing their workload.



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