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CardioMate is a specifically formulated supplement, to help support cardiovascular health and to promote healthy heart functions. Cardiovascular problems don't happen overnight and they don't occur just because of your age. Most heart diseases are a result of harmful consequences that occur throughout your lifetime, and then manifest themselves during the later years.

CardioMate has proved to be the world's most effective cardiovascular support supplement. This formula contains a wealth of heart boosters and protectors. CardioMate offers a comprehensive blend of scientifically researched heart care nutrients. This revolutionary supplement offers an advanced form of the miracle nutrient CoQ10. Our patented CoQ10 formula has been established to be, up to 3 times more absorbable than ordinary CoQ10 supplements.

Numerous studies have proved that the heart pumps blood more efficiently when it holds optimum CoQ10 levels. But the benefits of CoQ10 don't just apply to people who need cardiovascular support. On the contrary, this significant nutrient can help promote your heart's efficiency, no matter what is your age or condition. Many athletes consume CoQ10 to boost their energy and aerobic exercise performance.

CardioMate also contains standardized hawthorn extract, a natural cardiac stimulant and antioxidant element. The effective combination of CoQ10 and hawthorn extract renders nutritional support to keep your heartbeat strong and steady. The powerful antioxidant protectors of both of these elements, also blend to protect your entire circulatory system from free radical damage. An outstanding heart supplement must also treat the problem of elevated cholesterol levels. CardioMate constitutes natural vitamin E, aged garlic, and capsicum extract, all these support the regulation of cholesterol levels.

Benefits Of CardioMate

  • It contains highly absorbable CoQ10 formula, that keeps your heart healthy.
  • It helps regulate blood pressure and maintains the balance between supply and demand of myocardial oxygen.
  • It has three times greater absorption capacity than ordinary coenzyme Q10.
  • It also helps to regulate lipid metabolism by the protective HDL- cholesterol, while lowering both total and bad cholesterol.
  • It contains all-natural antioxidants, that help to boost energy.
  • It is an easy to take capsule.
  • It helps to decrease peripheral vascular resistance and regulates healthy cholesterol level.
  • It oxygenates the blood, supplies needed oxygen and increases vascular output.
  • It helps to strengthen the heart muscles, improves poor blood circulation and increases red blood cell count.
  • It helps to prevent heart attacks, congestive heart failure and heart palpitations.
  • Other benefits include, relieving numbness, relief from tightness in the chest shrinking benign tumors, relief from labored breathing, anxiety, nervousness and insomnia.



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